3 Steps To More Creative Business Cards

Business cards are simple to design, right? Just slap on your logo and contact details and you’re done. Or not. In today’s world, branding is everything in business. To differentiate yourself from your competition it’s essential to stand out from the crowd. And this starts with your business card design.Business cards don’t have to elaborate, simplicity can still work, but it is important to have a design element that conveys your business image. Before sending your card to be printed, follow these three steps:1. Research
Until you’ve had a look at what’s out there, you don’t know what’s possible. Spend some time researching design and business cards on the internet – you’ll find a whole raft of creative ideas. Put together a selection of your favourites – the ones that grab your interest and attention – and use them as a springboard for your design2. Branding
Does your business already have a strong brand and image? If so your cards should reflect this. It’s no use having a brilliant business card design if it doesn’t fit in with the overall brand. If your business hasn’t yet developed its branding, then use your cards as a starting point. Get a design company that specialises in branding to work with you on your cards, with a view to developing a whole look for your business over time.3. Card, fonts, printing techniques
Take the best ideas from your research and work with your printer or designer to refine your ideas. Find out what is possible within your budget in the way of unusual card-stock, textures, print techniques and so on. Discuss curved corners, inkless impression designs, colour wrapped edges and any other special effects that you’d like. Working with a designer will give you more innovative ideas and allow you to work your ideas into a unique concept.While you are busy getting creative with your business card design, don’t lose sight of the ultimate function of your cards. They are there to convey information, convey your image and allow people to contact you. Make sure that the vital information is easy to read, otherwise all your inspired efforts will fall flat! A good designer will combine functionality with eye-catching design and make sure that all the elements work well together, as well as advising on the latest trends in business card design such as QR codes and so on.

China Business Travel

The Chinese dragon has not only woken up but is also moving aggressively to dominate the world business economy. With its annual GDP growth exceeding 9%, China has suddenly become the business destination of the mighty and rich multinational business corporations. China offers great business opportunities to a large variety of businessmen and therefore business travel to China is a must for every business executive.Although China offers great business promise, there are certain factors you need to keep in mind before planning a business trip to China. While traveling through China, you may have to face the language barrier in communicating with the Chinese – starting with the cab driver to the hotel manager and ending up with your counterparts in your business. English, though the lingua franca of the world, is usually neither spoken nor understood in China.Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai and Guangzhou are the main business destinations – besides numberless other smaller places. It is therefore advisable to contact a travel agency that specializes in China tours in these cities, and book a suitable hotel for you as per your budget.The first important item to deal with is the language problems. For that you need an English-speaking guide as soon as you land in China. You should make sure that your travel agency provides you an English speaking cab driver who will be the first man to meet you as you step out of the airport. A non-speaker of Chinese cannot move about China without a guide. Therefore you need a guide who has thorough knowledge of the topography of the area you are visiting and can fluently communicate with you in English. You must ensure that the guide you get is professionally trained and certified by the China Travel Administration.Two more pointers: first, protect your credit card from fraudulent activity, which is widely prevalent in China. Second, you must be aware that you cannot drive a car in China even if you are a licensed driver in your country. So you have to rent a car along with a driver for travel around the city.

Construction Factoring Dips Along With the Construction Industry

Very few companies are financing businesses in the construction industry today as the industry risk is still too great. Many general contractors and subcontractors are reeling from the effects of the building bubble.And to add insult to injury, many construction companies who obtained a business loan will probably, or already have found themselves out of covenant. This is due to falling sales. Simply put, banks won’t let them tap into their lines of credit until their sales are back on track.What’s more, even in the factoring industry, few companies dare to offer construction factoring since the risks of default are still high. However, in many cases a factoring company will be able to help. There are quite a number of firms specializing in construction factoring.Historically, construction factoring has been used in the construction industry for years. The latest trends indicate that the recent economic downturn and tightening of the credit markets has been especially hard on the construction industry. contractors are experiencing cash flow problems and having to focus on the new sustainable building code standards. The availability of commercial financing has been chaotic for the past year, so the situation is especially evident when seeking construction funding for commercial property.Invoice factoring allows businesses to obtain funds based on their current accounts receivables. construction subcontractors have to wait as long as thirty (30) to ninety (90) days to get paid for their outstanding invoices. Construction factoring advances funds against invoices and provides enough money to pay the bills.Following are a few things you can do for starters, to prepare better if you are in the construction business. Before calling any business finance company, be sure to have your house in order, specifically:1. Make sure you have up current, up to date financial statements. This includes a balance sheet, income statement/Profit & Loss, A/R aging report and AP aging reports
2. Handle any unpaid taxes as best you can,
3. Try to clean up your receivables – and quickly handle any accounts that are past due for more than 70 days.Although there are no guarantees in this economy, these three steps that should help you better position your company for funding.Also remember that the construction industry is one of several sectors that can benefit tremendously from invoice factoring. The sub-contractor, or construction company is no longer required to wait for payment before starting on the next phase of a project, or begin construction on a new project.Factoring enables the sub-contractor or construction firm can realize quick turnaround of 48 hours on accounts receivable due for completed stages of a construction project. With construction invoice factoring, the construction company, or sub-contractor, can be paid virtually overnight for these invoices (accounts receivable) thus speeding up cash flow and improving the company’s ability to start immediately on the next phase of construction.